“Protect Your Reputation” — Advice from a Successful Female Broker

To sell luxury is quite a difficult job. Sure, condos that open up to grand views of the Makati skyline do have a built-in allure, but without a good, convincing real estate agent, it will only sit there pretty. For top brokerage company The Infinity Realty Inc., no luxury condo is left empty for a long period. It’s not just the team’s expertise and years of experience making this possible every single time. It’s also due to the strong girl boss heading its operations: Eva Marzan-Landais.

A go-getter, Eva was able to launch her own agency in 2012. She specializes in selling units around the upscale markets of the metro, from Rockwell to Fort Bonifacio to Poblacion to the greater Makati Central Business District. In many respects, she redefined success in the industry she’s in, from channeling her caring nature to letting a good reputation speak for itself.

Secrets to Success

A cutthroat, aggressive industry, the brokerage practice appears to have no space for women who have a nurturing, loving attitude. It may actually be seen as a liability, keeping you from achieving greater heights. Eva believes otherwise. In fact, she considers her supportive character to be her best trait that drove her to success.

She shares, “I support a lot, [whether it be] friends or family members. With real estate, I support my clients. I listen to what they like. I [help] them find an investment [or] find their new home. That’s why I like [real estate brokerage]. I’m really a supporter.”

It’s no wonder her track record isn’t only filled with sold or leased homes, but also satisfied clients. For first-time buyers who don’t have a lot of knowledge about the process, she was only one call away. To investors who are not too familiar with the Makati property market, Eva’s business advice is readily available. Put simply, with her reassuring stance, accommodating property seekers’ needs makes her the woman for the job.

Eva’s excellent work ethic traces back to the female figure she looks up to: her mother. She didn’t think twice when asked who her female inspiration is. “[My mom is] also a businesswoman. [She has all the good traits, including being] giving, loving employees. [In fact], sometimes it’s too much. So, siya talaga [who I look up to],” she shared.

She added, “She’s still working until now. She’s 80.” Hard work runs in the family, in the women in Eva’s life.

Advice for Other Women

As Eva was able to carve her own path and come out strong as a career woman, she had a few pieces of advice for other women who aspire to be successful in their own fields. The first one is about integrity. Musing about the quiet teaching moments with her mother back then, she said:


Especially for those who want to be successful in real estate, reputation is very crucial. It’s like a currency that helps one sustain the business. It’s no secret that property is a big purchase, perhaps the biggest most people would make in their lifetime. This is why buyers are very careful, treading lightly in these transactions. What people want is a real estate broker they can rely on for an investment that would make a huge impact on their lives. Eva understood well that a real estate broker who has a reputation of integrity and honesty naturally attracts clients, even the most wary.

What’s more interesting about a good reputation is that it talks. Even though integrity manifests in the most private, quiet moments, it shines through, precisely because people who see it can’t help but talk about it. One satisfied customer can mean a string of many others in the future. That’s why Eva’s single piece of advice, “protect your reputation,” is a timeless, wise counsel.

Meanwhile, to women who are struggling with their chosen career path, Eva had the simplest advice: “You can do it, girl.” No matter what challenges or setbacks life would bring, girl bosses would eventually pick themselves up, find courage within, and carve their own path.

It’s also worth knowing and embracing that the struggles aren’t the end. They don’t get to have the final say. As Eva eventually added as a piece of advice, “It’s fine.” Everything will be fine.